The Symphysis Maternity Belt is the answer for unrelenting pelvic pain and low back pain of pregnancy.

If you are currently pregnant or recently pregnant and having
pelvic pain or low back pain and can answer yes to any of these questions, the Symphysis Maternity Belt is your solution.


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Are you pregnant and constantly in pain? Does it hurt when you push a grocery cart, stand on one leg to put your pants on, roll over in bed or feel like your pelvis is bruised for no reason? Do you feel like your body isn't handling your baby bump weight and is just exhausted at the end of the day? Does your low back feel constantly achy and tired and often experience shooting pain down your legs or towards your pelvis? Have you tried other maternity support belts and feel frustrated as you fail to find relief? Most importantly, do you feel like no one has a solution for these problems? Well, the days of your complaints falling on deaf ears are over.

We at Symphysis Maternity Belt offer a unique, successful solution for those pregnancy pains. Pregnant women are often frustrated by constant, excruciating low back and pelvic pain. Most are told by their doctors that this is a normal part of pregnancy and that nothing can be done to offer relief.

Our pregnancy support system was developed after researching the underlying cause of pregnancy induced pelvic and low back pain. Once a woman becomes pregnant, her body releases hormones responsible for loosening the ligaments in her hips and pelvis. These changes help her body adjust and accommodate a growing baby and prepare for future child birth. The sharp, often excruciating, pelvic and low back pains are typically a direct result of these hormonal changes. The Symphysis Maternity Belt fits comfortably under your growing belly, wrapping around your hips and securing your loosened joints, relieving the stress put on your low back and pelvis.

The Symphysis Maternity Belts are designed to be worn around the house, to the gym, running errands or even to bed. We also recommend that it be worn post-partum, while your body is still pulling itself back together. Maternity belts are perfect for every pregnant woman who enjoys exercising during pregnancy but finds it difficult due to low back and pelvic pain.

If you are pregnant and tired of being in pain, our pregnancy support system is your answer for finally finding relief for your low back and pelvic pain. We have had wonderful feedback for mom's across the United States and we are thrilled to offer a product that is really making a difference. This is a great way to relieve lower back pain due to pregnancy.